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  • Do you yearn to sing and need holistic support for the process of freeing your voice?

  • Would you like voice lessons that support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

  • If you had a personal voice practice, how might it support your life?

VOCAL LIVING sessions support your singing and being by "teaching you how to sing" in a nurturing environment that values your unique presence in the world.

Whether you are a new or experienced singer, VOCAL LIVING sessions foster self-care, self-expression, and self-discovery by integrating technical instruction with reflective discussion, creative exploration, and a foundation of therapeutic support.

In VOCAL LIVING sessions, you can . . .

  • Own your voice as an expressive and musical instrument

  • Learn technical exercises that naturally facilitate vocal production

  • Deepen your mind-body connection

  • Allow full range of emotion

  • Transform self-limiting beliefs

  • Rediscover play

  • Groove and flow with music that moves you

  • Honor resistance and silence

  • Support your own boundaries

  • Nurture your life energy

  • Reclaim authority and power

  • Receive authentic, experienced guidance for your journey

Sessions are held via Zoom

or in-person in Plymouth, MA.

FEE: $80/hr.  Prorates available for shorter lessons.

"For almost 5 years, voice lessons with Emily have been the highlight of my week and can be described with one word: Joy. Emily is not only an accomplished singer and teacher, she takes a whole person approach to vocal expression with training in different mind/body practices. Each lesson starts with the question: "What do you need from singing today?" She is absolutely the perfect teacher for me. Not only have I learned technical aspects of voice so I can sing a tune better, I've learned how to be more expressive when I'm not singing. I breathe better, stand taller and speak up with more grounding. Emily provides a safe, supportive setting where she challenges you to grow while displaying compassion & empathy. She meets you where you are.  I will remain a student for as long as she'll have me!"  - S.S.

"Voice sessions with Emily are nothing short of soul retrieval." - G.C.

"I love Emily!! She has a body/voice approach that is very good for me. I feel as though she really cares about me as a student. I am learning a lot." - P.M.

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