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• Need help finding your voice in relationships? 

• Feeling adrift from your sense of self?  

• Want to engage more fully with your life energy?  


Many of us receive messages that we are supposed to stay quiet, or only present certain acceptable parts of ourselves, in order to be loved and accepted.  We stifle our feelings and thoughts, and then start feeling disconnected from ourselves and the relationships we value.  

If you are seeking support for reconnecting with your body and voice as vital sources of wisdom and power, I am here to help you. I listen, reflect, guide, encourage, and support you on your healing journey of discovering, nurturing, and expressing more of your whole, natural self.

My primary approach is SomaSoul®: Somatic Therapy, a mind-body healing modality that integrates the power of Body Centered Gestalt Psychotherapy with the freedom of expressive arts and movement, and the heart of contemplative practice.

I am also certified in Music Therapy, a recognized and accredited clinical field that uses a variety of musical interventions to achieve non-musical goals.  No musical experience is required.

I draw on the principles and practices of Voice Movement Therapy, an expressive approach to reclaiming the self through voice.  No vocal experience is required.

Sessions are held on Zoom or

in-person in Plymouth, MA.




Photo credit: Katy Boc Nickerson

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