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Free your inner dancer!

SHAKE YOUR SOUL® Description and Schedule

Shake Your Soul® is a unique body-spirit fitness experience that cultivates feelings of joy, connection, and fluid strength. 


Created by master teacher Dan Leven, Shake Your Soul is featured at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.


Movements are easy-to-follow and easily adaptable.  With gentle guidance, your inner dancer awakens!


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Feedback from the MOVE, BREATHE, EXPLORE retreat


“Emily is awesome and really fun and engaging. It was the perfect ‘move’ experience for me.”


“This was my favorite session!  It took a little bit to get comfortable but laughed a lot.  Loved the music and Emily’s energy.  She shared her story ahead of time and that was ‘moving.’  So fun, and an important message to just MOVE!”


“Emily’s heart is in this fully. . . Women like this show the way for others to shine their own light.”


“I loved Emily’s energy - she made everyone feel safe and comfortable.”


“Awesome.  Awesome.  Awesome.”

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